I’ve been in the kitchen for about 3 years now and I’ve learned two thing.


One of the major problems with cooking meals is the fact that nobody knows what to do with their food. You can get food out of a box, but what do you do with it? You can steam, bake, blanch, or dehydrate (read up on dehydrating first).2.

With a few exceptions, the same is true of cooking. There are some types of things you can do, but there are many types of things that you can’t. Because many things are better served hot than cold, most people just leave their food in the oven for a while. Other dishes, like pasta or soup, are best cooked to order, and then cooled again. But, in every single instance, you still have to cook it. So here’s the thing.

There are all sorts of rules and guidelines for the kitchen.

Don’t cook anything unless you’re using a kitchen utensil full of chemicals.

Thats just about every rule in the book. There are also a few exceptions. You can cook rice, cookies, and cakes in the microwave, but if you get too many cookies too hot, they burn your fingers. You can cook with the oven, but if you use a gas stove, you have to use a special measuring cup/skillet/etc.

The main purpose of this post is to show how to make sure that your food taste good in the microwave (and maybe you even need some, but you’re not supposed to cook them). Just as a quick check before you cook your food you need to know what to do with the food if you’re going to get it spoiled.

For microwaves, it’s always a good idea to put your food in a bowl.

I know how tough it can be for kids to eat a bowl of butter. You can do a quick study of the calorie content of your food, but that’s not very important.