After her topless cheer, martial artist Tai Emery has already announced her next action.

“For me, it was real girl power, along the lines of, ‘What the hell are you going to do about it?’ At that moment, the whole world was mine. I deserved it. So, if I want to show my boobs again, I will. I’ll probably do something even stupider,” the Australian told MMA Junkie.

The athlete has made a great impression on the public, her popularity is growing rapidly, and her fights are also more and more attention. While we are waiting to hear about the next one. She’s a smart flirt with the public, but that doesn’t diminish her merits in the ring, she’s getting success on all fronts. Play and you in the online casino games Senegal, and get no less success. 

Tai Emery wasn’t reprimanded for her celebration

Tai Emery is a former Lingerie Football League player and OnlyFans model turned into a bare-knuckle fighter.

She told TMZ Sports that her unorthodox celebration wasn’t viewed in a bad way by the athletic commission officials or the BKFC top executives, meaning she wasn’t in trouble.

“I have been completely enabled to continue to be myself, and so I shall.”

So is there an even raunchier cheer to be seen? There will be a resolution only after her next fight.

After her debut victory at the “Bare Knuckle Fighting” (boxing without gloves) in Thailand’s capital Bangkok, the fighter first climbed the ring rope before presenting her bare breasts to the spectators present. The video spread like wildfire on the net but earned her many critical voices.

Onlyfans revenues rise

In any case, it was the best publicity ever for the permissive boxer. Because of the attention generated, her Onlyfans income also increased considerably. According to the Daily Star, her monthly income before her nude jubilation was around 1400 pounds (1595 euros), now her monthly earnings through the platform are said to be up to 22,800 euros.

In any case, Emery is delighted with her new success. “Life has definitely taken a turn just because I showed my crazy little self.” It was an impulsive decision, she says. Because she is someone “who likes to say things that are a bit vulgar or crass.”

She obviously goes down well with her fans.