Pink Jeep Tours has been sharing Sedona’s beauty with visitors for more than 50 years, in bright pink Jeeps that travel over terrain that most vehicles could not handle. Every tour is an off-road experience. Some are more adventuresome or thrilling than others; the choice is yours. Buy Facebook page-likes instantly from a reliable social media presence. 

There are about ten different Sedona tours offered. If you want an exciting adventure that you’ll remember for years to come, the signature Broken Arrow Tour is my favorite, and is exclusive to Pink Jeep Tours. That means that no other tour company has the rights to the off-road locations of that tour. Whenever I have guests visiting that have never been to Sedona, the Broken Arrow Tour is my choice.

Many believe that Sedona is a special place of spiritual energy. From before the time that the phrase “new age” became popular, people have traveled to Arizona to find that mystical energy that appears to be concentrated in and around the majestic red rocks of Sedona. In 2014 Pink Jeep Tours began offering an off-road tour for those that have a special interest in learning about and finding vortexes or vortices (both words are acceptable as the plural of vortex).

Tip #1

 Because they give refunds on cancellations made more than 24 hours before the tour that was reserved, you might be able to book a tour the day before even during the busiest seasons (spring and fall) if someone cancels. Call and ask!

The Touch the Earth Vortex Tour is quite a bit different from the Broken Arrow Tour. Although there are one or two places where Pink Jeep Tour guests will experience rugged terrain, most of this tour is not difficult or jarring. Still, the Jeep does travel on bumpy dirt roads with rocks. There is a short, moderately steep hike at the stop pictured above. This is the focal point of the tour, so if you have a bad back I’d discuss it with the reservation agent before committing to the tour.

This tour is about 2-1/2 hours long. Discussion centers on topics of a spiritual nature, and includes a long stop to meditate and absorb. This probably is not the best Pink Jeep Tour for children unless they have a special interest in vortices.

Tip #2

 The Touch the Earth Vortex Tour is intended to be an informational experience for those that want to learn more about these phenomena. People who want to access a vortex for personal healing or spiritual connection in a deeper way might not want to take a Jeep tour with strangers. If this is your situation, you might use your own transportation or hike to the areas where those energies are concentrated.

A vortex is a swirling energy, creating something like a funnel and drawing its subject to the center.  Earth’s vortexes are produced by electromagnetic fields that emit energy and vibrations. If people are energy, a vortex interacts to amplify and enhance the energy that already exists within us. The strongest of vortexes are said to be found in Nepal, Tibet, Machu Pichu in South America, Ayers Rock in Australia and Sedona, Arizona, among others. While there is no X that marks the spot where you can stand to feel a vortex, there are four general places in Sedona where the vortex energy is most prevalent: Bell Rock, Cathedral Rock, Castle Rock and Airport.

Your Pink Jeep tour guide will explain the difference between the masculine (strength/confidence) and feminine (supportive, giving) vortexes, but on this tour you’ll travel to a balanced vortex, a unique place where the magnetic energy of both male and female are concentrated in one location.

The focal point of the tour is a trip and stop to Mystic Vista. At this place we actually did a short hike to a mesa overlooking the area including Bell Rock and Cathedral Rock. We stopped for about 20 minutes (blankets on which to sit provided by tour guide) to take photos, sit and meditate, appreciate the beauty and serenity, and feel the energy.

On the ride to this point and on the way back, your tour guide will also provide general information about the area including the geology, flora, fauna, Native American influence, and anything else you might want to know about Sedona!

Mystic Vista was peaceful, scenic and relaxing. I did not feel any specific energetic or spiritual transformation, but that’s just me. People who live in Sedona and are around vortexes all the time tell me that this is not unusual. Sometimes it takes a longer exposure or more visits to feel a vortex.

Tip #3

 Keep an open mind! Even if you don’t feel the energy in the way you were hoping, the beauty and serenity of red rock country is good for your spirit and your attitude.

Pink Jeep Tours in Sedona is in the area called Uptown Sedona. The address is: 204 N. Highway 89A. Parking Uptown can be a challenge at peak times, so leave a little extra time to find a spot and possibly walk a few blocks to the Pink Jeep Tours office. If you are staying at L’Auberge, you can leave your car there and either have the resort drop you off or arrange for a pickup by Pink Jeep Tours. You can also walk from there.

It is between a 2 and 3 hour drive from most locations in the Phoenix area. Take I-17 (Black Canyon Freeway) north to Exit 298/ AZ179 toward Sedona/Oak Creek Canyon. Take Highway 89 into Sedona. If you haven’t been to Sedona in several years and you are driving, be prepared for the roundabouts that were put in to alleviate traffic congestion. On weekends and during peak tourist season, traffic will slow to a crawl on AZ179 as you approach Sedona. Understand that many people are tourists and are unaccustomed to roundabouts. Chill.

The Touch the Earth Vortex Tour last about 2-1/2 hours, about 40 minutes of which is traveling to and from the vortex sites. The price is $86 per adult (2014).  You can book a tour either online or by phone. Pink Jeep Tours makes trips every day of the year, except on Christmas Day.

Don’t want to drive to Sedona? Pink Jeep Tours began offers all-day tours to both Sedona and the Grand Canyon which include pickup from Phoenix/Scottsdale. Get those details here.