Guest posts offer a great way for interested parties to get exposure and establish their name within an online community of bitcoin. Unfortunately, many people are unaware of how to go about properly crafting a guest post. As such, these mistakes will destroy what could have been your new favorite crypto blog’s one opportunity for free promotion.

Mistake #1: Stop submitting your posts too early

A good writer knows when his or her work is ready for publication – it’s only natural to want to share our masterpiece with the world as soon as possible. Yet, this is rarely the best course of action if we want our guest post accepted into the publishing queue without delay. 

Mistake #2: Pay for promotion

Our intention for this article is to help you learn how not to make mistakes – but it doesn’t stop there. If our intentions weren’t clear enough, then this will finish it up. We want you to be able to get your guest post published without using another person’s money. For accomplishing this, we offer two ways – one of which is a free way and one which is a paid way. 

The free way is to do your own promotion. The paid way is to pay for guest post promotion services. Now – let’s get more specific

Mistake #3: Don’t use an influencer’s name in the headline

Without getting into specifics, this mistake has the greatest impact on your guest post’s exposure because it creates doubt among readers as to who you are. For example – you might see a headline that states, “Crypto Expert X Reveals 5 Mistakes You Should Avoid When Buying Crypto.” Here, we suggest leaving out any reference to who is the expert and simply call him or her a crypto expert. Site detail is here.

Mistake #4: Use “Introduces” in the headline (and elsewhere)

We cannot emphasize this enough – use an influencer’s name in the headline. So much so, that we can’t even find any other way to emphasize it. Another way to ruin your guest post is to use “Introduces.” This will create doubt as to who you are and also cause readers to question whether or not you truly understand their subject matter enough to be giving them advice on what they should do. 

Mistake #5: Use tables and graphs in your guest post

A guest post is all about persuading your audience to read the next chapter, so if you use tables, charts and graphs to explain complex ideas, you’re losing this sale. Granted – it isn’t always possible to avoid doing so, but do the best you can. The most important thing is that you are able to get readers interested enough to continue reading. 

Mistake #6: Use overly formal language

In the digital age, people write differently than they did 20-30 years ago. Some people prefer a more formal tone, while others use their own style. It’s great that everyone has the freedom to post how they want, but you should never make your writing style appear to be more important than your content for backlinks

Mistake #7: Ask for donations in your guest post

As much as we might wish it was possible, there are no guest posting services that let you ask for donations. Instead of asking people to donate money for the privilege of reading your guest post, simply offer them free promotional resources or services in exchange for their time and attention. In most cases, this will be enough to get their attention. 

Mistake #8: Use an image for the featured image

Featured images are the most critical image on your entire website. It’s the first thing readers will see, so if it doesn’t catch their eye, they’ll never give your guest post a second glance. To make sure your featured image catches readers’ attention, make it as different as possible from what they would normally see. 

Mistake #9: Focus too much on who links back to you

Guest posting is not about getting links – we repeat – guest posting is not about getting links. Instead, focus on the quality of your guest post and the value it will provide readers. If you put effort into doing your guest post right, we’re sure you’ll get a few links. Still – this isn’t our first concern. 

Mistake #10: A bad title is a death sentence

This might be the most common and least understood mistake of all. No matter how good your content is, if your title doesn’t get readers primed to read it, they won’t be interested in doing so. So make sure you take the time to craft a killer title and use it as much as possible throughout your guest post for crypto igaming.


Remember, these are only 10 guest post writing mistakes. Hopefully, with this list in mind, you can avoid any of them and get your guest post published in the very near future. We know you can do it!