These shot glasses are made from clear glass and have a flat bottom. This means that you can easily pour your own shot into them without worrying about spilling any of the contents, which we like to do a lot.

I have been wanting these since I started drinking, and I’ve been wondering if I could get a pair of shot glasses for Christmas. I can’t get them through Amazon right now so I’m looking for a good source. (If that doesn’t do it for you, you should try my buddy Chris’ video on the subject.

I have been looking for a pair of shot glasses since I started drinking. (or actually, since I started drinking just a few days ago) and have been wondering if I could get them for Christmas. I cant get them through Amazon right now so Im looking for a good source. If that doesnt do it for you, you should try my buddy Chris video on the subject.

The first thing you need to know about vodka shots is that they are extremely difficult to get through Amazon right now. While Chris says he’s not sure what’s causing the delays, he does seem to have a good idea. I can’t find the exact source for this, but I can tell you that Amazon’s policies on delivery times to the US aren’t very reassuring.

I feel that Amazon’s delivery policies are a bit of a red flag for an online store. Not only are they inconsistent, but they aren’t really the place to buy a bottle of vodka. I’ve been through so many Amazon orders and while I’ve gotten every bottle of vodka I could ever hope to, there are a couple that I cant find, or am just plain not interested in at this point. It’s not because Amazon doesn’t care for their customers.

I know it sounds weird, but I really do think the Amazon delivery policies are a bit strange. I mean, you can’t be picky about what you order or when you pay. But if youre really worried about that, then you should check out Amazon’s online store or Amazon has a very cool app where you can order just about anything.

I am glad to hear that people are finally getting the right of doing this.

I think the problem is that Amazon has just turned into a giant convenience store with their own brand of delivery. They need to be more like the rest of the big box stores in that regard.

I agree. Amazon is definitely an example of the right of the big box store in that respect. The problem is that they aren’t really all that different from the rest of the big box stores. They’re just more convenient, too, or at least they should be. Amazon has a little bit different delivery method, too. Amazon’s delivery method is very reliable, but it’s also very dangerous.

I’ve been a customer of one of these convenience stores for a while now and I have to tell you this – I’m loving it. I got a case of Budweiser a few weeks ago when I was back in the Seattle area, but I didnt do anything with it. I couldnt bring myself to buy the bottle of liquor at the store because it wasnt going to be anywhere near the liquor I had in my home.